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Gravy on a Murderbiscuit

by classyadmin

Classy Hand’s Phil Keeling, the Conquistadork, has released his very own comedy album! You can buy it on today!

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V-Day Poop.

by leekeeler

It comes back every year.

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Eye Glass Emperor.

by classyadmin
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Speaks for the Trees in 3D

by classyadmin

  A twist on the original text: ‘The Lorax: He Speaks for the Tress’ is a mock Grindhouse trailer that chronicles the badassssss adventures of The Lorax, an ex-lumberjack-cum-pimp with a green thumb way up the keister of industrial America. The Onceler, his power-CEO arch-nemesis, kidnaps the Brown Barbaloots an holds the world for ransom […]


My Life as a Mash-Up XI

by Jeannette

Well, here we go again. I’m going to take a minute to throw a number out there, and that number is 36. “36 what, Jeannie?” (that’s you). 36 is the number of times that I’ve moved that I can remember. Guess what I’ve decided to do in a few weeks? Oh yeah, MOVE- again. Since […]

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My Life as a Mash-Up X

by Jeannette

Yay October: A month where we get to watch and think of all things scary. What’s scarier than scary to me? Past relationships of course! Haunting, chilling, hand-covering-the-mount-or-eyes-in-disbelief-and-fright: oh yeah, it’s October-rifficy-goodness. The Blob-meets-Dirty Dancing The beauty of this mash-up is that it really doesn’t have to represent anyone in particular- EVERYONE knows this guy […]

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My Life as a Mash-Up IX

by Jeannette

So I’ve already made the decision to sort of “theme it up” a bit and include at least one horror movie in every post I make for October. Why not start a little early? Let’s talk about cocktail waitressing. It sets the tone so perfectly for a horror flick of all sorts: running, screaming, periods […]

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TWC: Brian Thompson

by leekeeler

It’s definitely possible to avert an audience’s expectations with a worthwhile performance, but most of the time it is just plain easier to cast a guy that looks like a serial killer to play a serial killer. On that note, not many actors look more like a serial killer than the man we’ll discuss today, Brian Thompson.

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CTM: Overtime – 4

by leekeeler

With so much media in your face these days, it’s getting harder and harder to take things to the extreme. I remember a time when I used to get mad if somebody was texting while I talked to them. Now I take their temperature if they don’t ignore my conversation for their iPhone.