Zach Graber

Zach Graber was raised in the streets and taught how to box bare knuckled by and aging hotdog vender. Several adrenaline fueled montages later he found himself with all the material possessions that he dreamed of during his impoverished younger years, a beautiful wife, albino dalmations, domesticated pandas, and matching brushed aluminum desk lamps imported from Sweden. Life was sweet for Zach Graber, but little did he know, the third act was bearing down on him like a poorly domesticated panda. His wife developed a heroin adiction and adult onset diabeties, the pandas raped his albino dalmations and distroying his desk lamps which he later learned were made in a factory in Cincinatti. Years later Zach would reflect on his life and write a script, that eventailly was made into the film Bikini Hustlers 5 (Return of the Hunky Plumber.)


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