Kali Mah: Indiana Jones Parody

Kali-Mah is a one-time herbal supplement that has been used to alleviate stress and independence since 1935.

Directed by Colden Raisher
Written by Lee Keeler
Edited by Andrew Goh
Produced by Robert Michael Chrisco and Lee Keeler
Starring Rhianna Van Helton, Matt Krueger, Jeff Brochu, and Jeremy Tuttle
Narrated by Kevin Erhard
Associate Producer David Guti Rosado
1st AD Jeremy Tuttle
Location Sound by Alan Koda
Post Sound Design by Adam Latz
Music by Alex Dunsford
Narration Recording by Christian Pareja of Citie Productions
The Cup of Kali carved and Art Designed by Robert Michael Chrisco
Special thanks to Jon Spicola and the Savannah Film Company, Delta Life Insurance of Savannah, The Homeboys of 532 E 33rd, Phil Morales, and Steven Spielberg.

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