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Isabel’s Big Day!

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jeremy Nguyen has been a creative force in the SCAD sequential arts department, putting out an impressive body of work during his time at the Savannah art school. Recently graduated, Nguyen also performs excellent stand-up – recently at our very own LAFF HUFFER show in Los Angeles – and will be staking his claim in the professional world of illustration any day now. In this sense, we are lucky to have Isabel’s Big Day before he blows up and takes off like a damn rocket. You can check out all things Jeremy Nguyen at his website Jeremy Wins Life.


Fools Goaled: Green Pepper Abortions

We’re proud to present our first original work from illustrator and Meltdown University instructor Donna Letterese! Classy Keeler scripted this first edition of Fool’s Goaled based on his stand-up material, waxing on sketchy experiences with the Thomas Jefferson Fairy, doing it with woodland creatures, and aborting vegetables. You can see more of Classy Keeler’s standup here and you can check out more of Donna’s work over here. Click to embiggen the pages, and hit the arrow tabs to flip ’em over!

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Aaron Lange Whizzamabang

For our sixth issue, we’ve been given the Whizzamabang treatment by our old friend and charlatan Aaron Lange! His  newest book, ROMP, can be purchased from The Comix Company and is some of his strongest work to date. Lange has garnered praise from Robert Crumb, Bob Burden, and other luminaries of the comic underground. These pages – published digitally for the first time – are just a sample of his work  that can be found in finer comic/smut  shops throughout the land.

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