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Speaks for the Trees in 3D


A twist on the original text: ‘The Lorax: He Speaks for the Tress’ is a mock Grindhouse trailer that chronicles the badassssss adventures of The Lorax, an ex-lumberjack-cum-pimp with a green thumb way up the keister of industrial America. The Onceler, his power-CEO arch-nemesis, kidnaps the Brown Barbaloots an holds the world for ransom under his maniacal chainsaw assaults.


Written by Lee Keeler
Directed by Lee Keeler and Zach Graber
Produced by Yotam Dor
Photographed by Jake Hill
Edited by Kevin Erhard
Production Design by Britt Faulkner
Sound Design by Ashley Holland and Adam Latz

Hands On: Paul Hornschemeier

When I first moved to attend The Ohio State University in 1999 I was kind of a morose guy.  The culture of the campus area seemed specifically geared toward the football/party lifestyle, and what little pockets of cultural revolt that existed tended to involve subscribing to a lifestyle of emo, straightedge or vegan mentality.  I mean, it wasn’t that bad. I found other people who liked The Replacements and wanted to play R.B.I. Baseball. But I felt like I existed between the gears somehow, and that there wasn’t a lot of local art being created that was, for lack of a better term, quirky.

I didn’t feel that way about Paul Hornschemeier‘s work. OSU had this awful student newspaper that people had to read because we didn’t have the internet everywhere yet, and there were strips in the Culture section called “Mini-Biker Chicks” and “Fishtank!” that leapt out at you. They mostly involved pint-sized mutated children committing acts of violence for things like candy and comic books, stuff that made many of the political science classes in the dead of winter way more bearable.

Pretty soon the strips began popping up at comic shops in the form of a Kinko’s-made comic called Sequential. I ran into Paul on occasion around town, and made sure to let him know that I was a fan. As always, he was humble and low-key about his work, and remains that way today, even when he has made The New York Times best seller list.

I’m as proud to have been a Paul Hornschemeier fan back then as I am now, and I hope you will be able to share in that oddball pride with me.  His postcard book So-So Heroes premieres at the San Diego Comic Con this week and he will be releasing Forlorn Funnies, a return to his more eclectic style, this fall. Check out his work and online shop at

Paul Hornschemeier Interview, Pt. 1 from Lee Keeler on Vimeo.

Paul Hornschemeier Interview, Pt. 2 from wei-tzu Sang on Vimeo.


Interview by Lee Keeler

Shot by The Boyers

Edited by Robbe Rees

Thank You: Wei-tzu Sang Keeler, Emily Hornschemeier, Craig Boyer


There’s a whole mess of mash-ups out there, and we’ve done our fair share with stuff like Ferris Club and The Lorax. But we couldn’t help ourselves with this one. Once we lined up the footage, it was just too cool not to make, and we hope you enjoy the theory that The Dude was once a strapping young lad who had to fight a shape-shifting alien in the Swiss Alps. And we all know what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps.

Edited by Kevin Erhard

Written/Adapted by Lee Keeler

Sound Design by Shaun Burdick and Anna Gramlich

Past Classy: Embrace Life

Embrace Life ran originally in issue 2 of Classy Hands, just about 1 year ago. Here’s what we said about it then:

This is a cartoon that won Adult Swim’s “Show Us Your Shorts” Contest in 2006. They gave entrants a bunch of criteria about how the theme should be about Embracing Life, so we wrote something about a tiki-totem giving a bunch of talking animals bad luck. And then we won. Utilizing this logic, I later took a dump on the computer at my SAT testing so I could get into Yale. (I had to settle for stupid Princeton.)

Check it out:

CTM: Clubhouse of Dickheads – 3

Boy howdy! When we say these guys are Classy Troupe of the Month, we mean it. The Dickheads continue their tour of Los Angeles with the premiere of their 2010 Pilot – showing at Skyline Books in Los Feliz this Tuesday night. It’s free and a damn good reason to hop across the street to Niko Niko for a bento box with the crunch roll. Hey, speaking of bringing up food at inappropriate times, The Dickheads are here to ruin our Mondays yet again. Bon Apetit!



It’s been a pleasure to showcase The Awful People as our first Classy Troupe of the Month, and we leave you with their finest short yet: Schindler’s List 3-D.

With this final installment, it’s our honor to announce that the Awful Classy jams don’t have to end – we are launching The Classy Hands LAFF HUFFER, which will be a live show of stand-up, sketch and improv comedy the first and third Monday of each month at The Little Theater in Santa Monica! The show premieres on March 7th, with The Awful People as the featured group, and tickets are five bucks. We can’t wait to get Classy in public with you.


Part of our new format means we’ll be spotlighting an up and coming improv/sketch troupe every Monday, our first group being The Awful People of Los Angeles, America. They’s funny. These guys have been working together for years, and have been whittling down a process to their work that makes their best sketches push the envelope, and then evoke a paper cut to the tongue while licking it.  We’re stoked to present Stain Away. If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, we strongly recommend this product:

Kali Mah: Indiana Jones Parody

Kali-Mah is a one-time herbal supplement that has been used to alleviate stress and independence since 1935.

Directed by Colden Raisher
Written by Lee Keeler
Edited by Andrew Goh
Produced by Robert Michael Chrisco and Lee Keeler
Starring Rhianna Van Helton, Matt Krueger, Jeff Brochu, and Jeremy Tuttle
Narrated by Kevin Erhard
Associate Producer David Guti Rosado
1st AD Jeremy Tuttle
Location Sound by Alan Koda
Post Sound Design by Adam Latz
Music by Alex Dunsford
Narration Recording by Christian Pareja of Citie Productions
The Cup of Kali carved and Art Designed by Robert Michael Chrisco
Special thanks to Jon Spicola and the Savannah Film Company, Delta Life Insurance of Savannah, The Homeboys of 532 E 33rd, Phil Morales, and Steven Spielberg.