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G E T    C L A S S Y   O N   T H E    R E A L . _______________________________ – the comedy website that has received critical acclaim from New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, and reaches beyond the internet twice a month in Los Angeles. LAFF HUFFER presents a quality array of live comedic acts, ranging from sketch comedians to stand-up artists – boasting work from Team Pregnancy, The Awful People, The Bureau, John Tottenham, Matty Goldberg, Eli Olsberg, Dave Backus, Cody Johnston (Cracked. com) and more.


Live comedy can often be a “five minutes and then you get the light” or some pay-to-play environment. We pride ourselves on offering full sets to our acts, giving them the artistic freedom to have a venue that fosters their creative range. And boner jokes are funnier in long-form anyway.


Produced and Hosted by Jason Hamilton and Lee Keeler, LAFF HUFFER is the only live comedy show clinically proven to whiten your teeth. Shows go down every first and third Monday from 8-10pm at The Little Theater, 12420 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90025, $5



The Bureau – Featured Group, First Mondays

The Bureau is an improv team made up of six uniquely and specifically selected individuals.  Doyle Esch; The Forger. Bob Salatich; the Alchemist. Lindsey Barrows; the Healer. Sean Brogan; the Architect. Ben Esch; the Scribe. And Matt Portman; the Cute One.  First united in the Summer of 2010 these mystical beings have been studying comedy through the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles ever since.

Team Pregnancy – Featured Group, Third Mondays

Team Pregnancy is a fast-paced long form improv show featuring players that have graced the stages of upright citzens brigade, Improv Olympic, and now the Little Theater. TP stives to make themselves laugh first, and hopefully the audience is in on the joke.

Mike Postalakis –  Mike is a comedian/filmmaker living in Echo Park, CA. He performs in a sketch comedy group, The Clubhouse of Dickheads. He also performs regularly at IO West in Hollywood. Come see a show sometime. Or watch a film. Or.

Kevin Manwarren – Kevin is an actor and musician who studied at USC. He plays in the band The Cotillionaires.

Nate Hillen – Is a comedy actor who has high blood pressure and will play the acoustic guitar until you get angry.

Gian Molina –  Gian is a writer/comedian who can be seen on Weeds and Community.

Simon Tran – Simon is an actor and visual artist recently re-located from San Fran. Check out his website

Matt Jones – Matt is a member of IO West and plays Badger on Breaking Bad.


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